roasted apricots

Roasted apricots, almond, thai basil = perfect balance!

People who may know me or just read my articles, you know how much I LOVE ALMOND! 
I wanted a seasonal summer dessert: fresh, tasty and quick to realise! Because it’s the season of apricots, I have created this dessert. It’s confort food, very tasty with just the right amount of sweetness. The rice semolina provides a melting and soft texture. Roasted apricots with thai basil balance the pastry with a tonic and slight acidity. And it ends with the sweetness of almond.

For a dessert for four people, you need : 

Ingredients for roasted apricots with thai basil and rice semolina with almond flavor 

  • 4 fresh apricots
  • 2 sprigs of thai basil
  • 3 coffee spoon of rice semolina
  • 300 g of almond milk
  • 1 tablespoon of bitter almond extract
  • 6 g of vanilla sugar 

How to prepare roasted apricots?

  • Take off the stone of apricot and cut in 2 pieces;
  • Warm up some olive oil in a pan;
  • Put apricots in the pan with a very low heat for about 10 minutes, then turn them and add thai basil with a coffee spoon of butter. Leave it for about 10 minutes. Check it because it depends on how mature apricots are. They need to stay entire but soft.
  • Once roasted, take them off. 

How to prepare rice semolina with almond flavor ?

  • Pour almond milk, almond exact and vanilla sugar together in a pot. Heat up and boil it;
  • Then add the rice semonila and constantly stir it with a wood spoon for 8 minutes;
  • Then put it in a glass and let it cool down;
  • Put in the fridge and add the roasted abricots before serving!

Apricots recipe is short so go for it without any hesitation, it’s really delicious, and super quick to make!


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