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Gourmet Getaway, beer garden culture, ubiquitous vegetation…, Zurich is for me a return to peace in which I take the time to slow down and enjoy the best things that this city has to offer. In just few minutes away from town, you will find yourself in the nature, walking in the forest, visiting small villages, or relaxing in the beautiful thermal baths. It doesn’t stop there as the view on the hills aligned with the baths makes us forget that the city is right next to us… I love the old Zurich, with its half-timbered houses, the lake where it is so pleasant to come chill out, the sun after noon and the Limmat river that offers us the opportunity to take a refreshing bath when the sun is too hot…

There was also this event “Food entrepreneur” in the Hardbrücke district of Zurich, which I attended to and where exciting and committed exhibitors/participants shared their projects and experiences on new ways to consume in more stainable fashion. You’ll find more details below, but more and more entrepreneurs in the culinary field are aware that we need to change our consumption patterns and to create new food circuits, finally!

Here are some of my favorite places in Zurich, I will share some more soon!

Sunday Brunch in nature: Wirtschaft Ziegelhutte

This brunch illustrates perfectly good food in surrounding greenery making us forget that the city is right next door. The place is beautiful; in summer you can eat outside on the large wooden tables, the forest at your feet… However in October, although the temperatures were still warm we brunched inside. Mountain Chalet atmosphere before snow season, I loved it! All wood, flawless service, great local products, especially charcuteries and cheeses with their variety and excellent taste! A small drawback though, desserts were American inspired, which I am not too fan of, and too sweet and colorful… However, there was nonetheless a good fruit salad!

Voyage culinaire Zurich - Chef à domicile - Fooddetoi

Caught up by dumplings… Momo Tenz!

A gourmet getaway without dumplings seems pretty munch unconceivable to me, even in Zurich hahaha! I am used to eating momos (Tibetan dumplings) at Zurich street food events, but for the first time I went to Tenz’s restaurant. It has  a very nice minimalist decor; we took meat and veggie momos and there were very good as usual! And as a souvenir I  bought its Tibetan homemade chili sauce, always a premium!

Voyage culinaire Zurich - Chef à domicile - Fooddetoi

Gourmet dishes to share: Bauern Schänke

This restaurant is my crush for the week! It is imperative to book if you want to have the chance to taste their dishes, which are small plates to share. Everything we ordered was very good! Lots of interesting varieties in flavors, well mastered cooking technics, the china and the plating presentation have also contributed to the success of this meal. Special mention for the revisited pulled pork with its slightly acid sauce. The place is cozy and the service attentive. This is definitely a must do if you visit Zurich!

Great pizza in Baden Al Galo

We used to go Gottardo in Baden, and then my sister discovered this little unassuming pizzeria, which serves excellent pizzas! The place is very small with narrow corridor but yet a warm atmosphere with a super attentive Italian boss. Also remember to book…

Voyage culinaire Zurich - Chef à domicile - Fooddetoi

Endless summer: one last beer at Frau Gerold garden

In October most biergatens are closed to my great despair! Yet earlier this month the weather was still very very good, so it’s a shame! But it was without counting on the excellent Frau Gerolds Garten. This is one of my beloved places in Zurich, in the great neighborhood of Hardbrücke! Former industrial area, it is now in my opinion one of the coolest places in Zurich with its numerous towers. Surely, my taste for Asia and the Hong Kong towers I keep on painting since my first trip to the Pearl of the Orient 8 years ago trigger my feelings for this location… Culturally there is always something in this area! The shops are very friendly and I love the decor of certain places such as the tower Freitag made with old shipping containers… Thus, at Frau Gerolds Garden with its hanging garlands lights, there is an air of “ginguette” (a popular drinking place and restaurant that turns into a dance venue) is just lovely! It runs along the railroad tracks, and when we are a little above the first floor, the open view on the railways is simply magical at sunset!

I have to go back very soon so I can write a new article very quickly on restaurants where I am used to going and that I love! And perhaps about in new places that I will probably uncover!

Wirtschaft Ziegelhutte : Hüttenkopfstrasse 708051 Zürich
Tenz :Tenz Lochergut Badenstrasse 256 8004 Zürich
Al Gallo : Untere Halde 11, 5400 Baden
Frau Gerold Garden : Geroldstrasse 23/23a, 8005 Zürich
Bauern Schänke : Rindermarkt 24, 8001 Zürich,

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